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Reasons why mental health should be discussed

People often feel shy or awkward discussing their mental health. Though difficult but it’s important to talk about mental health with someone. Given below are the five reasons why mental health should be discussed.

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To overcome Mental Health Stigma

Despite the change in thinking, there exists a stigma around mental health status. This stigma back holds an individual from getting professional help for his mental conditions. Talking openly about mental health issues can help break down these barriers. Discussions help us understand just how common mental illness is, providing us with opportunities to correct misconceptions and feel better about asking for help.

To Understand you are not alone

The number of people having mental health issues is increasing. However, the same is not the case in terms of reaching out to seek help. If we talk about mental health openly, more people will come forward to consult about their mental health issues. It will help people get a diagnosis and prompt treatment.

To encourage care and support

Talking about mental health, in general, encourages us to seek treatment. It helps people realize that they are not alone to suffer and will be comfortable while seeking treatment.

To Lower the risk of suicide

Suicide is the severe manifestation of the mental health disorders and is one of the leading

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